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Desoto BMX

The Metroplex BMX covered race facility is the home of DeSoto BMX.

With more than 600 members, DeSoto BMX is one of the nation's fastest growing BMX racing organizations. A non-profit organization established in 1995, DeSoto BMX is fully sanctioned by the American Bicycle Association.


DeSoto BMX race members are thrilled with the new Metroplex BMX facility. The track was constructed by the ABA's track building staff. The 1,000 foot track is constructed of 6,000 yards of hard packed dirt. With massive burms and jumps, the track at Metroplex BMX is ultimate national quality, according to ABA.

For information on the DeSoto BMX's weekly race schedule and other events, click the racing schedule link or call us at (972) 224-6664 .

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